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The Learn Photoshop Workshop

We are confident that upon completion of our workshops you will begin to have the knowledge and understanding to start enjoying the productive and creative possibilities Photoshop offers.

Send me an email to request getting a weekly Photoshop Tip. Basic to Advanced, these are sure to help with your use of Photoshop.

Great reasons why this workshop is your best choice to Learn Photoshop:

    • Small classes: usually 6 to 8 students compared to other workshops
    • Hands-On class: you have lots of class time to try out a technique
    • Compressed Schedule – easier to align with your own schedule
    • Joe Robbins has been teaching Photoshop since 1993 and uses Photoshop most everyday
    • Great facility for our classes / good location to drive to

NOTE: This Workshop Does NOT Cover Photoshop Elements.  Sorry

OUR NEXT Workshop:

  • BASIC PHOTOSHOP: 3 sessions: Sat, Sept 27(9am-5pm); Thurs, October 2(6:30–9:30pm) & Sat, Oct 11(9am-5pm)
  • Basic ENROLLMENT FEES: $325.00 or Basic combined with Adv’d workshop: $499.00.
    Our Basic class starts out by getting comfortable with Photoshop’s interface (tool bar, option bar & panels), plus selections, basic layers, image adjustments, painting tools & more to start getting you comfortable as you begin learning Photoshop.
  • ADVANCED PHOTOSHOP: Saturday, October 18 & 25(9am to 4pm)
  • ADVANCED ENROLLMENT FEES: $325.00 or Basic combined with Adv’d workshop: $499.00
    The Advanced class is the perfect followup class to the Basic, promoting a better understanding of what was learned in the Basic class plus an introduction to more complex ways to use Photoshop with layers, masks and having more total control of your digital image. For current users of Photoshop this might be the perfect class to get you to the next level. Contact me for questions on if you qualify for this class.
    [[Go to the "Course Information" menu for an additional explanation of each class]]
  • BASIC & ADVANCED COMBO: Same schedule as above (Basic & Advanced). Purchase together and save: Total fee = $499.00. Students provide their own laptops for class with Photoshop installed – Mac laptops are available for an additional cost (see “Register” page for info)WORKSHOP LOCATION: American Intercontinental Univ • 9999 Richmond Ave, Hou,TX 77042The Learn Photoshop Workshop offers several hands-on Photoshop classes
    covering all aspects of Photoshop.

      • Basic or Advanced Workshops
      • Basic & Adv’d Combo Workshops
      • Photoshop Layers Workshop
      • 2 1/2 or 5 day Custom Scheduled Workshops
      • One-on-One with instructor Joe Robbins
      • Custom Corporate classes at your location


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