About the Instructor


Joe Robbins, creator and instructor for the Learn Photoshop workshops was a part-time instructor at The Art Institute of Houston for over 21 years. Joe taught in the Photography Department for 13 years, and near the end of 1993 began teaching Photoshop. Joe has also taught Photoshop courses at HCC, faculty workshops at Lee College in Baytown, teen & teacher workshops to high school students and faculty, and One-on-One classes to a wide variety of people.

Joe is a ’74 graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California with a major in Commercial Illustration Photography, living in Houston since 1976. He has been shooting for corporate and advertising clients. and created Joe Robbins Photography in 1984. In addition to his teaching experience with Adobe Photoshop, Joe began using Photoshop in his photography business in the Fall of 1992 and has been providing digital files to his clients ever since. In early 2002 Joe began shooting digital, replacing film.

With his many years of teaching, Joe Robbins has long aspired to create a workshop for folks who wanted to learn Photoshop in a small class setting and be able to complete the course with a solid understanding and working knowledge of this incredible program.

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