“Your class was outstanding, and a perfect opportunity for me to establish a stronger base to my existing and self-taught skills in PS. One of those “good timing” deals, as I was shooting a big project over those few weeks of your class, and now I’ve been applying my new skills (and ideas) to this work. Sorry I was late last night, and thanks for not sticking me in the corner with a silly hat.”
John B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your Photoshop classes and encourage anyone who wants to improve his/her skills to invest the time/money in the effort. You are extremely knowledgeable and share your experience in a fun and very practical way. I am not using everything I learned (I can’t) but I have hugely increased what I can do with Photoshop.”
Stephen K

“Joe Robbins is technically skilled and presents complex information in an understandable way. He is interested that his students learn and he is not egotistical in his approach.”
Jack T.

“Thank YOU, Joe. It was just what I needed to get me involved and feeling less intimidated by PhotoShop. I’ve had version 6 for years and could never manage to take the tutorials, etc. It was just over-whelming. I appreciate the work you put into the methodology. I remember your emphasis on the basics now more sharply than the play time, although that was more fun.”
Roberta D.

“Joe’s Photoshop class was outstanding and I have introduced my friends to his class. I found that Joe has an incredible grasp of Photoshop and is a wealth of knowledge. The great thing is that he is happy to share his knowledge. I am looking forward to his new revised schedule of classes.”
Betty S.

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