Advanced Photoshop

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Enrollment Fees: $325.00

Enroll in the Basic + Adv’d Combo and get the discount price for both classes ($499.00)


  • Attended the Basic Photoshop Workshop or sufficient knowledge of these basics
  • Own Photoshop CS6 or CC
  • Sufficient time in your schedule to practice the materials covered in the workshop

Course Outline:

Image Adjustment Techniques(Part 2)
Adjusting for brightness, color and contrast with Levels, Curves and many other tools Photoshop offers

Advanced Layers Techniques
Beyond the basic understanding of layers: layer masks, clipping groups, layer styles, blending modes & smart objects.

Vector Imaging: Paths – Shapes – Type
Although a bitmap pixel based program, Photoshop has three vector tools enabling the creation and editing of Paths, Shapes & Type. We will learn how to create with these outstanding tools.

Image Adjustment Layers
To control Brightness – Contrast – Color – Hue & Saturation on a layer.

Filters and other Image Altering Techniques
In this session you will introduced to basic filters like sharpening and advanced filters that can dramatically enhance your image. Filters to make creative backgrounds, lighting effects, reduce noise, correct lens distortion, make textures and other unique imaging techniques.

Color Management – Print Output – Using Actions
Understand and apply proper computer and Photoshop settings necessary for successful print output. Learn the Color Settings command; converting color space; embedding profiles, monitor calibration, and more. Learn about Actions to automate work flow.

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