Basic Photoshop

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Enrollment Fees: $324.00

Enroll in the Basic + Adv’d Combo and get the discount price for both classes ($499.00)


  • Good computer literacy skills
  • Familiar with opening and saving files
  • Proficiency in navigating through computer hard drive
  • Own Photoshop CS6 or CC
  • Sufficient time in your schedule to practice the materials covered in the workshop

About the Class:
Classes begin with a friendly introduction with the assumption that you have no experience using Photoshop. The goal at the start is to help you feel comfortable and not intimidated by this great program that is so much fun to learn and use. Here is an outline of the class material.

Introduction to Photoshop – a must for NEW Users
Become familiar with the Workspace & Navigation inside Photoshop. Window menus; Preference settings; Adobe Bridge; Image Management: create, open, save, resize, crop, rotate & duplicate files. Understand resolution, DPI, scanning, digital camera issues.

Layers – Making a Multi-layered Image
Learn all of the basics in creating and editing layers in your image. Undertand how layers work independently; layer transparency, opacity, linking, merging, layer groups, layer styles and more; everything to get you going using the layers palette.

Selection Techniques – Channels & Masks
Learn everything about the Marquee, lasso, Quick Select & Magic Wand selection tools. Become familiar with all the best ways to apply and modify selections. Demystify working with channels & masks.

Retouching Techniques – Undo History – Basic Image Adjustments
Mastering the Clone Stamp tool, the Healing Brush, the Patch tool and all the “Must Know” techniques to retouch and restore photos. Maximize image editing flexibility by learning all the techniques using the History palette and History Brush. Instroduction to adjusting the brightness, contrast, color balance & saturation of the image.

Painting – Color Picker – Color Filling, Etc.
Understand Color Sampling, filling w/ color. Master the paint brush tools and mighty brushes palette. Examine the editing tools: red eye, sharpen, blur, burn & dodge & gradient.

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