Photoshop Layers


Next Class Schedule: Currently Not Scheduled

Time: Saturday 9:00am to 4:30pm

Enrollment Fees: $149.00


  • Bring your own laptop and get a 20% discount. ($119)
  • A limited number of Mac’s are available


  • Attended the Basic Photoshop Workshop or sufficient knowledge of these basics
  • Own Photoshop CS6 or CC (preferably)
  • Sufficient time in your schedule to practice the materials covered in the workshop

The Layers workshop will have you well on your way to mastering all the important editing
techniques that layers are famous for.

If you have been using some of the features in Photoshop but have not yet become proficient with “Layers”, you are in for a whole new world of experiences using Photoshop. The editing possibilities are amazing.

The Photoshop LAYERS workshop will cover:

  1. Creating, Cloning & reordering layers
  2. Moving, scaling, rotating & aligning layers
  3. Converting layers to selections
  4. Merging and Flattening layers
  5. Locking layer transparency, movement & editing
  6. Working with Smart Objects
  7. Making drop shadows, halos, bevels & other effects
  8. Combining layers using links and groups
  9. Working with layer masks
  10. Pasting inside a selection
  11. Creating editable text layers
  12. Working with Adjustment layers
  13. Warping the contents of a layer
  14. Making layer specific masks – clipping
  15. Blending modes & advanced blending
  16. Creating vector shapes
  17. Smart object layers
  18. …and more


This is not a beginner Photoshop class. You are expected to be capable with basic Photoshop techniques and familiar with the Photoshop desktop, including creating and opening new files, selection techniques, color picker and fill techniques, etc. Please call if you are concerned regarding your knowledge of Photoshop with the Layers Workshop.

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